Empathy and emotional intelligence at work

It is essential to generate empathy in our work environment. Remember you are important!

“You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself.” – John Steinbec

The work environment is a determining element in the way employees participate in daily activities. That is why the importance of generating empathy in the work environment.

Empathy in the workplace

Empathy is the ability to know to understand the situation that another person is going through. 

That means understanding and relating to the thoughts and experiences of others. It is a key element that allows us to understand that you are in the right workplace.

Empathy in the workplace shows great respect for others and helps create a team culture. In addition, it increases self-esteem and allows employees to feel taken into account. When employees have an empathetic manager or leader, they feel safe, encouraged, and motivated. These feelings motivate employees to do their best.

What traits define an empathic person?

Empathy depends on three key elements:

• The ability to listen to others.

• The capacity for open your mind and honesty with others.

• The ability to understand the thoughts, feelings and experiences of others.

How does empathy play out in the workplace?

Responsibility should promote creating a positive and productive team culture in the workplace. Connecting with members decisions on the management team

Empathetic leaders try to connect with their team, building a sense of trust, openness, and understanding that makes employees feel appreciated, valued, listened to, recognized and interested in their well-being.  

When a leader makes their collaborators feel comfortable, the team is strengthened and united. That’s when important goals are achieved.

Here are some of the benefits of empathy at work:

1. Take the time and the best attitude to understand the needs of collaborators or colleagues. To face challenges or to solve difficulties.

2. Have the right attitude when it comes to reaching agreements to resolve conflicts.

3. Understanding and providing colleagues and collaborators with what they need to move forward creates a sense of trust and strengthens relationships leading to greater collaboration and improved productivity.

4. Feeling understood, listened and respected for our way of thinking helps us be more open when expressing our emotions.

5. Thanks to mirror neurons, we generate empathy, and we will infect others to be empathetic, creating an environment of connection that will make the work environment pleasant and enriching.

Empathy provides support, trustworthy leadership, and a healthy workspace. It is born from the work culture of each company.


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